Missionary Shirley C. Louis

We are dedicated as a church to the memory of our beloved "First" Lady Missionary Shirley C. Louis. As the founding First Lady and first member of Heavenly Travelers Ministry, she stood with her husband, founding Pastor Hilton Louis Jr., to begin this ministry from the ground. As a faithful and licensed Missionary in the church, she served in many capacities. Her fingerprints can be seen in the founding of this ministry as she gave of herself tirelessly to fulfill the work of God.

"Auntie" Shirley, as she was affectionately known, lived what she preached.

A licensed Evangelist Missionary in the church for over 40 years she brought the Word of God with fervor and power. Her testimony is one of deliverance and divine favor. At a young age the devil tried to steal her mind. During a stay in Seattle, Wa., she attended a revival service and while there had a "Damascus Road" experience. From then on she continually proclaimed that Jesus was "the best thing that ever happened" to her.

Missionary Louis was well known for her first love...the youth department. She never met a kid she did not adopt. She loved her own children and loved everyone else's as well. There are many church kids who owe their love of singing and participation in church to Missionary Louis coming to their homes and picking them up every Saturday for youth rehearsals. After practice, Auntie Shirley's house was the place to be. She worked faithfully to build her Youth Department and youth choir. Her choir was well known in the city and surrounding areas as one of the best ever.

She was also head of Hospitality. Visiting churches could not wait to get her cooking as she prepared a fresh dish for every serving occasion. You would get the program just to see if "Dinner will be Served" was at the bottom. Chicken lasagna, roast beef and rice, and all manner of side dishes had the church smelling right. Visitors carrying out several plates was a common sight and as always to the home church, "Let the visitors go first!".

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The familiar sound of her "Alright!", rang out as Pastor Louis or anyone else would bring the Word. Her smile lit up the room and she loved the Lord and her family with all her heart. She leaves a legacy of that love in her children (by blood and by love) that will live forever. God Bless the memory of our "First" Lady Missionary Shirley C. Louis.