In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to the memories of our founder, Pastor Hilton Louis, First Lady Shirley Louis and our teacher and instructor Elder Hilton Christopher Louis. Their memories forever burn in our hearts.


Our Founder

Pastor Hilton Louis

The founding pastor of Heavenly Travelers Ministry, Elder Hilton Louis Jr. is known as a giant among men. His life and labor was dedicated to his family and his fellow man. A true example of holiness, he lived what he preached and he preached the Bible. Click the picture above to view the rest of his story! God Bless the memory of Elder Hilton Louis Jr.


First Lady 

Shirley Calloway Louis

As the wife of our founder Missionary Shirley C. Louis worked in ministry to reach the people of God with the purest Love of God. A dynamic speaker and preacher of the Word of God she loved the life she lived. "Auntie Shirley" loved on anyone who needed it and was faithfully devoted to her husband, her family, and the work to which she was called. Please click the picture above to read more about Missionary Shirley C. Louis


Elder Hilton Christopher Louis

Elder Christopher Louis is the eldest son of Hilton and Shirley Louis and much like them, he walked in the footsteps of his calling. Many people have benefited from the many gifts he possessed. As a musician, he taught other young musicians to play "in the pocket" and to guide the service and gifts of the Levite. He served as an Elder in the church and could literally be called upon any time day or night. Click the picture above to find out more about Elder Hilton Christopher Louis.